Why Portugal is on Everyone’s Lips for 2019

Why some destinations suddenly become highly desirable is a mystery that marketing and travel companies would love to understand. Often, a destination is launched into popularity by an event — like the World Cup or Olympics — while sometimes a county will become the next-best-thing through word of mouth among people looking for unique experiences in locations yet to be over-run by tourists.

Portugal is one of those magically understated countries that boasts plenty of stunning destinations relatively uncontaminated by tourist traps. What you get is a country offering first-class authentic experiences sans over-inflated prices. Intrigued?

Find out why Portugal is (in some cases, quite literally) on everyone’s lips for 2019. Moreover, discover how Tripwix can make your experience even more unique and special.


Villa Mar a Vista, Praia Salema, the Algarve

Most discerning travellers have — at the very least — heard of the Algarve, Portugal’s southern coastline, if not visited more than once. However, there is more to Portugal’s beaches than the prize-winning Algarve.

Why not visit Comporta to lounge among the sand dunes or enjoy private yoga classes, picnics and bicycle rides organised by our local ambassador? Or, maybe you should head to the Peniche-Nazaré coast to catch a wave or two with local ambassador Francisco Bessa who can also organise big wave jet ski surfing.

Click here to find out more about Tripwix’s recommendations for beach fun in Portugal.


Portugal is renowned as a wine producer, most famously for its port, Indeed, it produces a variety of fine red, white and rosé wines in a number of regions. However, nowhere is more famous for its wine and port production than the Douro Valley. One of the oldest wine regions in the world, the Douro Valley was demarcated as a wine region in 1756. It was also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. You can visit fully functioning wineries surrounded by rolling vineyards that have been around for centuries.

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Why not join Quinta do Crasto winery for the Vendimia next year?

Tripwix’s Douro Valley ambassadors, Manuel and Teresa Lobo, are the perfect hosts for wine aficionados. Manuel is Head Winemaker at Quinta do Crasto winery bringing to the table a wealth of knowledge from his numerous wine-related degrees as well as years of first-hand experience. He and his wife can organise your transportation in a vintage wine truck, a personalised tour of the winery and secret picnics camouflaged by the vines, among other treats.

Make 2019 count by starting or adding to your own collection of fine wines under the guidance of a worldly connoisseur.


Judging by the number of national holidays Portugal celebrates, it’s not surprising there are many festivals throughout the country to be enjoyed. Click here for a list of the top festivals in Portugal for 2019. Contact us to find out how we can personalise your experience of these events.

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Óbidos International Chocolate Fair usually takes place in April.


Without a doubt, Portugal is a hole-in-one when it comes to golf. Once again, the country came top in the World Golf Awards for the fifth consecutive year, voted the World’s Best Golf Destination 2018, With more than 91 golf courses in Portugal, of which 66 are 18 or 27-hole, what other excuse do you need to visit Portugal? The Algarve boasts the largest number of golf courses in Portugal (44%), followed by the Greater Lisbon area (17.58%).

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Portugal – Worlds Best Golf Destination for 5 years in a row!


And, last but not least, Lisbon deserves its own mention. In recent years, Lisbon has continued to top the lists of the most trendy up-and-coming cities to visit. 2019 will be no exception. Besides its fairy-tale architecture in an array of pastel hues alongside steep, cobblestone hills, trams, secret stairways and leafy plazas hiding historic façades, it is buzzing with fabulous restaurants, fado houses and quirky bars for all tastes and budgets.

Tripwix’s local ambassador can tailor a host of itineraries and unique experiences for you and your group. Tell us what you love. Music? Theatre? Fine cuisine? History? All of the above? We can craft a special menu of activities just for you.

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Belém Tower or the “Tower of St Vincent” in Lisbon

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Miguel Carvalho

Miguel Neves de Carvalho is Portuguese, from the southern region of Portugal, Alentejo. But, he considers himself a citizen of the world, having lived in Portugal, Mozambique, USA, Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, and now, Mexico. For Miguel, the world seems a relatively easy place to get around as he speaks fluent Portuguese, English, Spanish and French and has a good understanding of Italian. His passion is to travel in order to eat and drink! Offer him the most unusual local dishes anywhere in the world and he is curious to try it and he will want to know what drink is typically served with it. Other passions include polo, horse riding, rugby, cigars and most recently ... golf.