Why Book with Tripwix Vacation Rentals?

High Standards for Exquisite Memories

For travel the way it should be, Tripwix vacation rentals provide the solutions that other travel companies simply don’t have access to. Why settle for a great vacation when you can have a truly unique stay that sets the bar for all future travel experiences. At Tripwix, we are in the business of going above and beyond, of tailoring exquisite 5-star getaways where we attend to details you didn’t even know your wanted. Here’s why you should book with Tripwix.

Why book with Tripwix vacation rentals
Retiro da Andorinha in Comporta, Portugal

The “Wow” Factor

Contrary to the majority of our competitors, ALL of the properties promoted by Tripwix have been personally inspected and selected for their “wow” factor. You can expect the highest levels of quality and impeccable service no matter which home you choose from the Tripwix collection. Our curation team spends hours going through every single one of our properties. We reject 80% of the homes presented to us. And, you can rest assured that the ones we promote are as stunning as the photos suggest. Indeed, they are often even more spectacular in real life.

Why book with Tripwix Vacation Rentals
Casa Cinnabar in Punta de Mita, Mexico

Selecting the Best of the Best Vacation Rentals

Tripwix’s expert curators all have a background in either interior design or luxury hospitality (or both). They have an eye for distinguishing those villas, penthouses and mansions that will take your breath away. Be it an unrivaled view from a jetted tub; exquisite interior design and architecture; original artwork; high-tech details; a lavish private spa or a location on a secluded beach. You can be sure there’s something very special about any home you choose to stay in from the Tripwix collection.

Why book with Tripwix vacation rentals
Casa do Rolapippas in the Douro Valley, Portugal

Book with Tripwix for Peer-to-Peer Pampering

To ensure your stay is beyond perfect, we have local ambassadors representing Tripwix in each destination. These individuals are hand-picked by word of mouth. Some are local celebrities or artists. Others are experts in a particular field, such as wine-making, golf, surfing, and hunting, to name a few. They will be a well-established local who knows not only what the hotels advertise but, more importantly, what only the locals know.

Why book with Tripwix vacation rentals
Lisa and Miguel Carvalho, ambassadors in Punta de Mita, Mexico

Unique Experiences

Our Tripwix local ambassadors will give you the best advice on places to see, little restaurants with great food, hidden beaches, that special private guide who can take you on a cultural tour, helicopter rides, etc. Moreover, they will go out of their way to suggest and organise not just the things that you ask for, but also the kinds of things you might not even know you would like to experience. Through them, you have access to unique encounters that only our Tripwix ambassadors can arrange. You get to enjoy the most interesting, fun, unique and unforgettable things in each area… and at the best prices.

Why book with Tripwix Vacation Rentals
Whale and Dolphin Adventures on Banderas Bay

Impeccable services

Finally, our local ambassadors are luxury travelers just like you, so they understand your preferences and know how to deliver the high standards you seek. Likewise, the homes in the Tripwix collection are chosen for the high quality of the personnel who might attend your day to day requirements during your stay, such as housekeeping staff, private chefs, waiters, bartenders and chauffeurs.

Dream Luxury Rental - Gulet
Blue Heaven – Luxury Gulet rentals in Turkey

So, remember, book with Tripwix to secure your dream luxury rental. We know what it takes to arrange travel as it should be!


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Deborah Buley

Originally from the UK and an avid globetrotter, Deborah has lived in Mexico for nearly 10 years, having honed a successful writing career that specializes in sassy travel, upscale interior design, classy hotels and high-end real estate. Among other projects, she collaborated with a renowned Mexican architect to pen a glossy book about the interior design and architecture of a local villa as well as produced a variety of promotional materials for luxury hotels and elite residences in Mexico.