Tail Slapping, Spy-hopping and Breaching Season!

Yep, you guessed it, we are in the midst of whale season on Banderas Bay, Mexico! This is the time of year when pods of humpback whales and other hefty breeds head south from Alaska in search of warmer waters for breeding, birthing, feeding and flirting. What that means for visitors and locals alike is one of nature’s greatest shows!

Whale season on Banderas Bay
Breaching whale near Puerto Vallarta

A ‘Whale’ of a Time on Banderas Bay

No matter how many times you have witnessed the spectacle — watching huge whales perform party tricks in their natural habitat— there’s nothing quite like whale watching season on Banderas Bay. It might be the simple fact of heading out on a sailing trip around the bay, or the sheer size and grace of these magnificent mammals, but a whale watching tour is a must when visiting the region from November until the end of March.

Humpback Whales

The most common type of whale to visit Mexico’s Pacific coastline is the humpback whale. Occasionally, orcas can be seen, particularly when taking tours outside the bay in the cooler waters, but you have to be pretty lucky for such encounters. Dolphins, however, are a common sighting any time of the year alongside the occasional sea turtle popping up for air.

Whale watching Banderas Bay
Nothing quite like a bit of tail slapping on Banderas Bay!

When is the Pacific Whale Season?

The official whale season for Banderas Bay runs from November until March. However, it’s not unusual to see them as early as October or as late as April. During the winter months of January and February, you are pretty much guaranteed sightings and spectacular acrobatic displays every day, sometimes without even having to set sail on a whale watching tour.

Front Row Views without Leaving Home

Most of the villas Tripwix promotes are located in prime settings where you can see whales jumping in the distance from the comfort of your sun lounger or infinity pool. From Costa Careyes to Puerto Vallarta to Riviera Nayarit and Punta Mita, it is possible to spot these majestic creatures pirouetting from the coastline during he height of whale season.

Whale Season Banderas Bay
Some tail slapping and spy-hopping.

Whale Watching Tours

Nevertheless, the best way to experience these marvelous creatures up close and personal is with a whale watching tour. Tripwix works with the very best guides and yachts, tailoring your itineraries for comfort and ease. Only fully licensed companies can operate whale watching tours on Banderas Bay. We can organise private luxury tours with specialist guides and marine biologists.

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