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Feel the need for a reset? Looking for that perfect location for a yoga retreat or a place to simply roll out your mat and dedicate time to your mind, body and spirit? We have the perfect antidote to the modern high-paced lifestyle. Within the Tripwix luxury rental collection, you will find a number of fabulous options for unwinding and recharging. It’s time to inhale yoga tourism and exhale bliss.

Read on for our top options for wellness, meditation and yoga retreats…

Atardecer – El Banco, Punta de Mita, Mexico

Yoga Tourism Atardecer
Atardecer Estate – 9 Bedrooms. Sleeps 18

Not only is the Atardecer Estate one of the most luxurious homes within the Tripwix collection, but its lush tropical gardens, oceanfront location and spa facilities make it a fabulous choice for wellness, meditation and yoga retreats when seeking 5-star pampering. The gardens are fabulous for walking meditations. The views will mesmerize you into a trance. There are plenty of unique spots for group and private yoga classes. And, after a hard day of searching within for answers to life’s big and small questions, you can relax in the sauna or enjoy a delicious massage.

Retiro da AndorinhaComporta, Portugal

Retiro da Andorinha - yoga tourism
Retiro da Andorinha – 5 Bedrooms. Sleeps 10.

The yogi vibe comes naturally to Comporta. People choose to visit the area for its laid back, boho style where nature’s quiet symphony gives your mind space to breathe and unwind.

Retiro da Andorinha is a cluster of tiny cottages (and a tree-house) in one beautifully-detailed compound surrounded by rice fields and bathed in a golden light! Here, you will find great options for moments of solitude as well as idyllic areas for group gatherings. It boasts a beautiful lap pool – the perfect spot for early morning exercise or for hanging all day.

Punta Sayulita, Mexico

Punta Sayulita‘s communal areas are ideal for retreats and yoga tourism

You can choose from a number of tropical ocean-view homes within the Punta Sayulita beachfront development. This exclusive community centers around a wonderful beach club with a large shared pool, jacuzzi and semi-private beach. Throughout the communal areas of Punta Sayulita, you will find various spaces for yoga, meditation and workshops where you can connect with nature. Meanwhile, guests can retreat to the privacy of luxury tropical homes with their own pools and jacuzzis that sleep between 8 and 16 people. Choose from The Tree House, La Perla Escondida, Villa Punta Paraiso or Buena Vista, to name but a villas available to host your group.

Yoga Tourism
La Perla Escondida at Punta Sayulita. 5 Bedrooms. Sleeps 12

Villa Lavanda, Algarve, Portugal

This beautiful sprawling villa sleeps up to 12 people in 6 suites and provides a host of spaces for yoga, meditation and workshops. You’ll need more than a week to discover all the secret corners this home has to offer. Spoiled for choice, why not carry out your morning yoga classes in the gardens, by the pool or on the rooftop? Or, enjoy a solitary spot on a grassy terrace to meditate at dusk or dawn. Meanwhile, the games room with a pool and foosball table offers some casual entertainment for team-building and bonding,

Yoga Tourism
The rooftop terrace at Villa Lavanda. 6 Bedrooms. Sleeps 12

Moreover, for large-scale retreats, your group can also rent neighboring luxury properties within the same collection to ensure all of your party enjoy the same high standards of accommodation.

Casa Pacifica – Costa Careyes, Mexico

Few (if any) destinations can compare with Costa Careyes, an exclusive beachfront community whose inhabitants unite through their shared values and dedication to living life with conscious exaltation.

Yoga Tourism
Casa Pacifica. 7 Bedrooms. Sleeps 14-16

Perched atop a stunning clifftop overlooking the ocean, Casa Pacifica lends itself to cosy wellness and yoga retreats, offering beautiful terrace spaces by the pool and in front of the fully-equipped gym. Meditating on the villa’s spectacular views is sure to bring you profound insights, or at the very least leave you with a sense of awe inspiring tranquility.


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Yoga in action in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

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